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Survey finds BigHand Create increases efficiency by 69%, saving users an average of 2.5 hours of document production time per day

A recent survey of 80 BigHand Create clients found the tool saves users an average of two and a half hours of document production time per day, equating to an average cost savings of £8,450 per user, per year. For firms with large teams of support staff, reportedly creating up to 800 documents a day, BigHand Create is proven to significantly reduce overhead costs and free up valuable resources.

BigHand Create is a document template management tool that allows firms to create, distribute and manage standardised Word, Excel, PowerPoint and email templates. Templates can be shared with staff based on a location, department or by individual, and lets users generate high-quality legal documents at the click of a button. BigHand Create reduces the burden of document production on support teams so they can focus on higher-value tasks and also gives management confidence that all externally facing documents are consistent and compliant.

The BigHand Create survey was conducted in March 2017. Of the 80 participants, 84% agreed that BigHand Create meets their document template needs either “very well” or “extremely well”, and 98% said they would recommend the tool to a friend or colleague. The survey also uncovered that on average, participants create 10 new documents per day, each taking 22 minutes to complete when not using BigHand Create. When using BigHand Create, it was reported that each document would only take seven minutes to produce, which is a 69%  time reduction. This time savings equates to an annual cost saving of £8, 450 per user using an average secretarial hourly rate of £13.00. For a firm with a large number of support staff, it’s easy to see how these savings can make a significant impact to the bottom line.

When asked to describe BigHand Create, participants said “simple, powerful, flexible”, “efficient, easy and dependable”, “organised, efficient, effective” and “creative, innovative and fun”. Ben Mills, Managing Director at BigHand comments, “BigHand Create lets people generate high-quality documents more quickly and easily than ever before. It increases efficiency and reduces the need for specialist training, which ultimately saves firms money. The results of the latest survey help us to associate real cost savings with the tool and calculate the impact it can have on a firm.”

All results are averages based on survey responses gathered in March 2017. For more information, please visit or call +44 (0)207 940 5900.