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Lisa Forte

Lisa won the Top 100 Women In Tech Award in December 2018. Having gained her LLM from Bristol University, Lisa Forte worked for the UK Counter-Terrorism Intelligence Services before moving into the Police Cyber-Crime Unit. Here she got to know hackers’ mind sets and methodologies well. The Unit dealt with serious cyber-crime cases working closely with international law enforcement agencies such as the FBI. With her legal background Lisa was often called upon to provide support and expertise in cases involving law firms.

Lisa left in 2017 to start her own company, Red Goat Cyber Security LLP. Red Goat provide GCHQ certified cyber security training for lawyers and staff as well as helping organisations prepare for a cyber-attack through the use of wargaming. Lisa has been actively involved in helping the legal sector develop cyber defences which reflect the needs of the industry. She has written articles for regional law society publications and does pro-bono work in cyber education via the Bristol Law Society. She also frequently writes for business publications and appears as a guest on many business podcasts. Lisa is an experienced cyber-crime keynote speaker having spoken in major conferences around the world.