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Tim Colman

Tim has over 30 years of experience in professional sales and management within the financial services, legal, and software (UCaSS/SaaS) industries. His experience has given him some battle-tested qualities: resilience, ability to adapt quickly to changing environments, a persistence in attitude in pursuing his goals, conviction in the face of failures, and, most importantly, leaning on the wisdom of peers, partners, friends, and family when needed!

TIm’s expertise over the last several years includes Vertical Development Strategies, from conception to full engagement. Internally, he works with all departments, across all regions and countries, including marketing, product development, sales (SME and enterprise), finance and legal to help bring these global vertical initiatives to market. Externally, Tim works with LogMeIn’s Channel Partners and Strategic Partners (both from a Commercial and Integration perspective) to drive awareness, train, and position the product portfolio to effectively meet the needs and demands of our clients.

To achieve this, Tim’s skills include relationship building, collaboration, analysis, communication, enhancing efficiencies, negotiations, general management, and leadership.