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Levelling up Your Law Firm Against Advanced Phishing Threats

LegalTech Talks live 7th December 2022 at 15:00 (GMT).

88% of law firms have suffered phishing attacks that led to credential theft, client and corporate data exfiltration, systems being infected with malware and ransomware, and financial losses from fraudulent activity.* As cyber threats continue to evolve, legal professionals remain in the crosshairs, with advanced phishing attacks designed to exploit people for maximum impact.

Discussion points: 

Against this backdrop, our Experts John & Jack will analyse today’s threat landscape and highlight steps law firms can take to protect their people from phishing attacks, including:

• Real-world insights: the threats currently targeting law firms
• The psychology of phishing: how social engineering and other techniques are used to phish legal professionals
• The role of security training: how real-time teachable moments can stop phishing attacks
• Improving your defences: the technical measures needed to protect people from evolving phishing threats

*Egress Fighting Phishing survey


Jon Grainger, Chief Technology & Information Officer

Jon has been working in the business technology area for the last 30 years on both sides of the consulting table. During that time he built up a great alumni of colleagues who have some fantastic stories and some insights to share. Since 2017 Jon has worked as a CTIO in the legal sector both Consumer and Global Corporate markets.

Jon is the author of the Work Anywhere, Automated Everything Create business technology triad and used it to frame the implementation of a new consumer self-service claims platform that provides an end-to-end automated customer journey from Intake through to case settlement. His current focus is around Case Management and defining the effective set of tools needed against the myriad on offer, many of which overlap as they all focus on niche problems. Indeed legal technology might be summarised as niche vs crowd requirements analysis?


Jack Chapman, VP Threat Intelligence,

Jack Chapman is an experienced cybersecurity expert and serves as VP of Threat Intelligence at Egress, where he is tasked with deeply understanding the evolving cyber-threat landscape to remain one step ahead of cybercriminals. Leveraging these insights and his extensive R&D skillset, Jack oversees the product development for Egress Defend, an inbound threat detection and prevention solution that mitigates all zero-day phishing attacks.

Prior to Egress, Jack co-founded anti-phishing company Aquilai and served as their Chief Technology Officer, working closely with the UK’s intelligence and cyber agency GCHQ to develop cutting-edge product capabilities. Aquilai was acquired by Egress in 2021.


Our mission is to eliminate the most complex cybersecurity challenge every organisation faces: insider risk. We understand that people get hacked, make mistakes, and break the rules. To prevent these human-activated breaches, we have built the only Human Layer Security platform that defends against inbound and outbound threats. Using patented contextual machine learning we detect and prevent abnormal human behaviour such as misdirected emails, data exfiltration, and targeted spear-phishing attacks.

Used by the world’s biggest brands, Egress is private equity backed and has offices in London, New York, and Boston.