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The British Legal Masterclass Series: Leadership Tools For A New Legal Era – Bristol

From the producers and creators of…

The British Legal Technology Forum, The British Legal Technology Awards and The London Law Expo… Netlaw Media were excited to introduce a roadshow around the UK with a new format. Delivering thought leadership and peer-to-peer networking directly in the heart of the powerhouse regional centres of the British Legal sector.

Netlaw Media are renowned for attracting senior leadership from national and international law firms and legal businesses. Following on from the annual success and demand for the British Legal Technology Forum in London, Netlaw Media are now offering this Masterclass series – offering C-Suite and Senior Leadership Teams around the country a multitude of in demand and future legal IT topics of direct relevance to the sector.

The first event took place on the 8th February 2023 in Bristol, with subsequent sessions planned for Manchester, Birmingham, and Southampton.

The Masterclass series has been designed to address a range of strategies, skills, and innovative ideas that law firms of all sizes will need to navigate their increasingly challenging world.

Our Expert Trainers & Masterclasses

Eric Hunter

Global Futurist – Innovation Futures
Chief Technology Officer – Bradford & Barthel. LLP

Digital Transformation is No Longer Optional – Embedding and Aligning Strategy, Digitisation & Risk

Learning Objectives

  • Technology & digital as a strategic imperative
  • Where is your firm on the digital maturity curve
  • Hybrid working & the post-pandemic spectrum of business models
  • Digital change management
  • Client-facing innovation & legal tech
  • Building & deploying a robust IT infrastructure for the 2020s
  • Legacy systems challenges & opportunities
  • Risk management & mitigation as a strategic board-level issue
  • Team leadership in a remote & globalised world.

Marcel Henri

Partner – Smart LegalTech

The Role of The Legal IT Leader is Changing: Are You

Learning Objectives

For legal IT leaders personal reflection on some key questions is an essential component of planning and taking control of their career:

  • Where can your skills and know-how be most effectively utilised?
  • How do you keep abreast of the latest developments and thinking in key technology areas, whilst ensuring the lights stay on?
  • Are you going to be able to continue to span such a broad range of internal and external, strategic and operational technology responsibility?
  • What resources, support and investment do you need to maximise your positive impact and leverage your expertise?
  • Who are your key allies and partners in introducing digital change to your firm and how can you work more effectively with them?
  • What does your ideal role look like in 5 years time and what do you need to do now to ensure you have the best chance of getting it?
  • Which are the leadership, management and interpersonal skills successful IT leaders need most in this volatile and uncertain environment?

Chris Bull

Principal – Edge International

The Agile Law Firm

Learning Objectives

  • How has ‘agile’ jumped from developer’s cubicle to the world’s most successful boardrooms
  • Where & why law firms have begun to adapt & adopt agile leadership
  • 10 dimensions of the ‘Agile Law Firm’
  • Focus on the people dimension: Authentic / EQ leadership at the heart of how to manage a great firm
  • Focus on insight-driven firms: the information to insight to impact model
  • Focus on purpose: the link to generational diversity, the war for talent & ESG.

Jenny Powell

Procurement & Supply Chain Leader

Unlocking The Value Within Your Supply Chain

Learning Objectives

  • The benefits of implementing a strategic approach to procurement, and controlling rising costs
  • Managing supply chain resilience
  • Creating an effective procurement governance structure
  • The value of vendor management initiatives
  • Adopting a risk-based approach to procurement
  • Addressing ESG and sustainability targets in your supply chain

Stuart Dodds

Co-Founder & Principal – Positive Pricing

Retaining Pricing Confidence: Pricing Approaches For Challenging Times

Learning Objectives

  • The changing legal market: Opportunities & threats for law firms
  • What successful pricing looks like & its impact
  • How we can create & credibly demonstrate value
  • Participant Breakout Session – Having the CEO Conversation
  • Summary of key messages.