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Conditions of stay as a Start-up / Innovator

It is important for anyone coming to or remaining in the UK as a Start-up or Innovator to understand what conditions will be attached to their leave, as the consequences of breaching these conditions can be very serious. It is …

Entrepreneurs: Apply for ILR by 6 April 2019 to take advantage of more flexible rules on Job Creation

Individuals applying for an Extension of Leave or Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK as a Tier 1 Entrepreneur have had to create jobs in their business/businesses.

The Job Creation Rule & Guidance

The current rules state:

The applicant

How to get married in the UK

In order to get married or enter into a civil partnership in the UK, the majority of individuals must give at least 28 full days notice ata local register office. ‘Giving notice’ at a Register Office essentially means that a …

Life in the UK Test – What is it and when is it required?

A Life in the UK test is ordinarily required for both ILR and citizenship applications.

The Life in the UK test was introduced in 2005 for citizenship applications and 2007 for ILR applications.  The plans were first introduced in 2002 …

Revised UK childhood good character test should be scrapped

Campaigners say the government’s revised guidance on how the good character test is applied to children does not go far enough and still does not protect the rights of young people who have grown up in the UK and wish …