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Planning for the RFP Storm…

Last week, in our 2nd instalment in our blog series ‘Planning for the RFP storm’, we talked about the types of questions firms should be asking themselves and the pre-work that can be done prior to RFP issue. In this,

Law Firm IPOs: Pricing on a Wing and a Prayer

The topic of law firm IPOs has attracted a lot of attention recently with the inevitably polarised perspectives that it represents a new golden age of law firm restructuring and capitalisation or the latest hot air, hyperbole and rhetoric that …

The Science of Price Sensitivity – Yep, It’s A Thing

One of the many shortcomings in our current approach to pricing legal services is the preoccupation with merely pricing the job. While at face value this would appear to be all that is required, it is in fact only half

More Dangerous Drivel From The Legal Services Consumer Panel

The article’s opening paragraph begins “…efforts to persuade legal services consumers to shop around for their lawyer appear to be making little headway. The Legal Services Consumer Panel today reports that the proportion of consumers comparing legal service providers

Law Firm Pricing Scorecard 2018

Now in its 10th year with half of all US law firms with 50 or more lawyers participating, the Law Firms in Transition survey has become a valuable resource for insight on law firm strategy and the opinions of firm