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The Changing Legal Market: Opportunities and Threats for Law Firms

Masterclass Description

Pricing has more impact on a firm’s profitability than any other factor, so getting it right should be one of the top priorities. As clients become more sophisticated and critical of fees and billing arrangements, pressure on firms is mounting to justify the numbers and convince clients that price equals value.

Learning Objectives

  1. What we typically get wrong when we price
  2. What successful pricing looks like & its impact
  3. How we can create & credibly demonstrate value, though value pricing
  4. Participant Breakout Session – Having the CEO Conversation (assisted by an exercise in fixed fees)
  5. Summary of key messages.


Richard Allen

Pricing Consultant, Costs Lawyer, Trainer, Coach & Mediator

Richard brings 40 years of unique commercial experience to his roles within Burcher Jennings, Validatum and Virtual Pricing Director. He was one of the first professionals to achieve Costs Lawyer status, and is one of a select group of Costs Lawyers to have made partner in a solicitor’s practice.

Since starting out in 1983, Richard has worked his way through both fee earning and costs, dealing with commercial debt recovery, bankruptcy and insolvency, before specialising in personal injury litigation and developing costs expertise.

His exceptional work has seen him handling significant litigation and costs caseloads for major City of London, West End and national law firms. During his career, Richard’s expertise has seen him instrumental in establishing several litigation and costs departments and managing costs teams across multiple office locations, as well as having a central role managing a regional law firm as a partner. Richard has set-up and managed a Costs Department for a top 100 national law firm, in addition to having a significant management role in that practice.

Richard plays a pivotal role in driving the full-service nature of the business, working with clients to boost profitability through a focus on pricing, costs, project and case management, as well as funding.