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Zylpha Launches Complete Guide To eBundling

Reflecting the recent moves by many courts to accept electronic document bundles during the pandemic, Zylpha ( ) has launched ‘The Complete Guide to eBundling”. The free, easy-to-use guide is aimed at helping law firms follow best practice and therein remain compliant. As leaders in the ebundling field, Zylpha has collated all the information to produce the guide, detailing practice directions, policy guidelines and videos from a wide variety of sources. Key information contained in the guide includes:

  • Justice Mann guidelines
  • Civil Procedure Rules PD32
  • Financial Remedies Courts protocol
  • Family Proceeding for Court bundles (PD27a)
  • Supreme Court electronic bundle guidelines
  • Video tutorials

Zylpha’s David Hayter, the guide’s author believes that the guide will prove popular with firms of all sizes. In his view; “Up until March 2020 the majority of bundling was still paper based but during the pandemic lockdown we saw a huge shift in the production of electronic bundles as more and more firms signed-up making the transition from manual to digital bundling.

“That’s why we’ve produced this guide from multiple sources – a single easy-to-use practice resource that contains all the information you need on just how easy it can be to build bundles digitally.  And as it’s built using Zylpha’s bundling software, the guide is also fully indexed and paginated too.”

Those interested in downloading a copy of the guide should visit: